RemOutlet® DC operates on just a dry closure.
It can switch up to 15 A.
Control Almost Anything With
RemOutlet® Power Controllers
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RemOutlet® comes with a 6 foot cord
Dimensions are approx. 9" x  4" and  3" deep.
LINE and LOAD indicators show status. CONTROL is 12 VDC.
TALLY is a dry contact closure that follows LOAD indicator.
MANUAL ON switch powers outlet immediately.
RemOutlet® can switch up to 15 A.
Now $179

RemOutlet® Reboot outlets are always ON until remotely
switched off
LOAD1 and LOAD2 indicators show status of each separate
outlet. CONTROL is 12 VDC. TALLY is an optional dry contact
that switches to ground during reboot.
RemOutlet® Original
RemOutlet® Reboot
Now $99

RemOutlet® Reboot LT is a compact version capable of
5 A. service
RemOutlet® Reboot LT
Control box sits between AC plug and molded AC outlet.
CONTROL is 12 VDC & TALLY is an optional dry contact closure
that follows the load status.
Now $259
Now $139

RemOutlet® Mini is a compact version
capable of 10 A. service
RemOutlet® Mini
RemOutlet® Mini has one outlet along with a Manual ON
Override switch which powers the outlet immediately.
12 VDC control standard - Tally / Indicator output optional.
Specifications and product depictions may vary
because of our process of constant improvement.
Now $239
RemOutlet® DC
Call: (609) 647-9677
Call: (609) 647-9677
Call: (609) 647-9677
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Solution Graphics
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Call (609) 647-9677 to place your order by phone
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Model: 3PHPRO-3
3 phase monitor
The 3 Phase Proportional AC line voltage
monitor will output an adjustable DC voltage
that is designed to be set at 1/100 of the line
voltage for remote monitoring purposes.
Galvanic isolation between the 240 line
phases and the low-voltage DC outputs.

A 120 VAC line voltage monitor is also
If the phases of
the AC line voltage were
240, 237 and 238 V,
the DC samples would be
calibrated to 2.40 volts, 2.37
volts and 2.38 volts using the
front panel DC sample
Now $199
Model: 1PHPRO
120 VAC monitor
120 VAC Line Voltage Monitor. Plug into any AC
outlet to monitor low-voltage AC waveform and
DC output. BNC AC output for use with
oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer. The DC
output is adjustable to create a calibration point
and is proportional to the 120 VAC line voltage.
The AC Power Controller Experts.
Now $179
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RemOutlet® Reboot Mini