Unattended video operation?
Know it's there with Sync Supervisor
What's included:
-AC power supply cube
-BNC composite video input
-Bright sync "OK" indicator
-Output pin jack provides continuous
relay contact closure when sync is present
-Instruction sheet with hookup
-Will not affect video level
.00 ea.
Struggling with unruly headphone levels ?

Splitter & Leveler
Perfect for communications receivers
and shortwave radios--requires no
external power or batteries.
Quite a handy device.
Additionally, a 10-pin dual row header
can be used to interface to any other
external devices to send or receive
Model: SMTK
$15.00 ea.
Low Freq Xtals to Checkout?
The Low Frequency Crystal Checker will
verify operation of crystals in the 32 kHz
to 175 kHz range. Operates on a
9 volt battery and shows crystal
operation via a blinking yellow indicator.
Trim adjusts loading from 10 to 30 pfd.
.00 ea.
Need to add a relay ?
This relay is always ready for use.
12 Volt DC coil, with snubber diode and form
"C"  SPDT contacts wired up to a 4 position
screw down barrier strip.  All components
mounted on a pc board.
Coil draws 30 mA and contacts are rated at
10 A @ 125 VAC
Specifications sheet and wiring diagram
Model:  RLYMOD
.00 ea.
International Orders - please Contact us about shipping method.

Specifications and product depictions may vary because of our
process of constant improvement.
Listen to your receiver and record the
audio at the proper level at the same time
$45.00 ea.
The unit provides a 1/4 inch phone
jack pass-thru and 1/8 inch phone jack
pass-thru from the 1/4 inch input.  
Two independent controls adjust the
level to each of two phono jacks and a
1/8 inch phone jack.  
Can be used in reverse by inputting
audio on the phono or 1/8 inch jacks.  
Very versatile.
Keeps surface mount parts in one place on
the workbench. The perfect tool to keep
tiny parts from getting lost while
hand-building or troubleshooting pc board
Small parts gotcha frazzled ?
Detail shows internal circuit board
construction and layout of the Low
Frequency Crystal Checker
Headphone Tamer is available in a
variety of mounting configurations.
Please ask for details.
More Stackley Devices® to check out below...
BCD to Decimal Decoder
Tiny circuit made to fit neatly inside
equipment or against a rear panel.
Supply power and BCD input on one
end and decimal line corresponding to
the BCD code goes high on the other
end.  12 or 5 volts can be used.
BNC Splitter/Combiner
BNC Switcher
2-input Holding to Pulse
4-input Optoisolated Interface
High Temperature Alarm
4-input Optoisolated Relay
4 BNC connectors all resistively joined
together.  Good for splitting or
combining low frequency signals.
Resistor values are determined by
input and output impedance needs.
Relay selects which BNC input is
connected to the BNC output when
5 volt control on pin jack is on or off.
Perfect for switching signals at the
transmitter site via remote control.
When the input is pulled to ground,
from a set of holding relay contacts, for
example, the output relay contacts
close for 2 seconds, then relax.
Works on input power of 8 to 28 volts
and has 15-pin D-sub connector
interface to the outside world.
4 optoisolated channels designed to
maintain galvanic isolation and logic
level shifting between pieces of
equipment at the studio or transmitter
site. Different input and output
voltages can be accomodated. Please
let us know your requirements.
Uses a bandgap semiconductor sensor
to provide temperature control. Relay
pulls in at 40 C (104 F) and these dry
contacts are available on the 9-pin
D-sub connector.  Also, 2 volts DC is
output as a temperature tally for use
with an analog metering system. LEDs
indicate power and high temp. trip point.
Optoisolated input and dry relay
contacts for the output with LED
indicators to show which relay is
energized.  External power is from a
power cube via the coaxial power
connector. Input for each channel is a
pin jack and output is routed to pins on
the 9-pin D-sub connector.
Model: BCDDEC $25.00 each
Model: BNCSPLCMB $35.00 each
Model:  BNCSW  $35.00 each
Model:  2HLDPLS $45.00 each
All items come complete with wiring and or connection diagrams.
Please specify if you need a mating connector to be included as well.
Model:  4OPTO  $35.00 each
Model: HITMPALM  $69.00 each
Model: 4OPTRLY  $79.00 each
8-Input Logic Combiner
Has 8 TTL level inputs that are pulled
high. Whenever any input is pulled low
by an external device, the output relay
contacts close. All 8 logic inputs
remain isolated from each other. Input
power to the device is 5 VDC. Green
LED turns on when the relay is
Model: 8LOGCOMB  $49.00 each
Lighted USB A/B cables
USB Cable colors and lengths:

Red, 3 feet long, Lighted USB A/B cable $8.00

Blue, 3 feet long, LIghted USB A/B cable $8.00

Green, 6 feet long, Lighted USB A/B cable $12.00

Orange, 6 feet long, Lighted USB A/B cable $12.00
Copyright by Stackley Devices®, LLC
USB Extensions and Combo Pack cables
3-foot long USB A Plug to
USB A Socket Extension
Cable. Give yourself some
extra length for a mouse or
keyboard installation.
Model: USBEXT $8.00
5-Cable Combo Pack of Computer
Communications Cables.
Retractable 30 in. USB A to Mini
5-pin Cable
Retractable 30 in. USB A to B Cable
Retractable 30 in. USB A to A Cable
60 in. Cat 5 Network Cable

A handy combination to keep inside
a laptop case for travelling or
general use around the home or
Model: USBCOMBO $35.00
Corporate and
educational customers
Fax your purchase orders
to Stackley Devices® at
Or mail your purchase
order to:
56 Hankins Road
East Windsor, NJ 08520
Harsh Sound From Your Digital Audio ?
    56 Hankins Road
    East Windsor, NJ 08520
    Call (609) 647-9677
    Toll-Free Fax Order Line 1-866-844-7631
Battery Voltage Indicator
Battery Voltage indicator shown
next to a 9V battery clip to show
size of the module.
Battery Voltage Indicator gives Yellow
indication that power is applied to the
module via the red & black wires.
Green indicator goes out when battery
voltage drops below a pre-set value.
Lets you know when your batteries
need to be recharged. Use a
momentary pushbutton switch for
operation, so that the indicator is in the
circuit only when checking battery
Model: VOLTIND  $29.00 each
Please specify battery voltage
when ordering.
Composite Video Inverter
Device inverts composite video at the push of a
button, making a negative image on the TV or
monitor screen. Runs on 8 - 28 VDC.  Expects 75
ohms input and output. Video gain control on board.
Great for special effects.
Model: VIDINV  $99.00 each
for the built board.
Also available in a case,
please ask for details.
Remote-Outlet is an AC line outlet that can be
remote controlled using 12 volts. The link will
take you to the Remote-Outlet.com website, a
Stackley Devices brand.
When used along with suction from a
vacuum cleaner the KleenKit is an
effective way to thoroughly clean the
insides of computer cases, equipment
racks, exhaust fan assemblies and any
other surfaces that collect dust.
Keep it clean with KleenKit
Dual Transmitter Controller
Dual transmitter controller provides output interface to RF
switch, PA voltage sensing and input switch debouncing. Can
be operated in local or remote control modes. Fully interlocked.
Model: 2TXSW  $349.00
Provides a timed output
closure and an isolated
steady output closure for
each of 4 inputs. All inputs
are debounced and
isolated from the outputs.
Quad Timed & Isolated
8 Output Interface
Model: QUADT  $129.00
AC Line Controllers &
Configurations available that
sense AC, reset remote
equipment, report voltage
levels, etc. Please contact
us for your needs on this
External Contact Closure to USB Keyboard Interface
Phono Jack Audio Combiner - Splitter
Left & Right inputs can combine for 2 Mono outs
or 1 input can be split 3 ways. We can design
specialty interface boxes according to your
Sensor-Oni is a remote front panel
indicator sensor for use with unattended
The Sensor-Oni watches a front panel
indicator and provides a status indication
for remote control tally use. Designed to
be used on equipment that does not
provide a remote status output.
Need something simple like a relay with
mounting accessories and a wiring
harness already installed?
We can help with this sort of
3-Port Serial Switch Box
A dry contact closure on the control input switches a common
9-pin D-sub connector from the N.C. 9-pin to the N.O. 9-pin.
All pins switched except the signal ground circuit. Complete
with indicator LEDs and wall transformer power supply.
Different configurations on this same theme available on
request. Works well as an automation data switch for
unattended operation.
Model: SERSW  $109.00
Relay Assemblies, as shown.
12 VDC coil, 4PDT, 6 inch wire leads
with terminals or prepared, tinned ends
and 5 A relay contacts.
Model: RLYASSY $39.00 each
Standard AC Reset Box  Model: ACRST $165.00 each
Model: PHNCS $39.00
Sensor-Oni Remote Indicator Monitor
Model: SESONI $99.00
Basic Cell Phone passive interface.
Allows you to send external audio over
a cell phone and extract received
audio from a cell phone. Plugs directly
into the headset jack of the phone.
Cell Phone interface
Multi-Purpose Timing Module
Timing module will provide short
duration or long duration pulses at
various duty cycles. Great for timing
events or adding a delay for resetting
other devices. 15-pin D-sub connector
interface to outside world.
Model: MTM818  $129.00
Noise Generator
Noise Generator with Nightlight
combined into one unit. Both noise
level and nightlight brightness are
adjustable from the front panel.
Operates from wall outlet.
Model: NOISE-1  $149.00
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D to A Latch Module
Input 5, 12 or 24 Volts on one side and get
a contact closure on the other side.
Closure open / closed status maintains
state even after power interruption. Good
addition for remote control systems.
Model:  LATCH1
.00 ea.
.00 ea.
The Mic / Headphone Amp box is a dynamic microphone preamplifier and
Headphone amplifier in one unit. It is powered by a single 9 Volt battery. Has power
indicator, mic XLR input jack, headphone output jack, headphone volume control
and output cable with plug. Can be configured by Stackley Devices to suit your
particular applications.
Mic / Headphone Amp
Switch It On or Reboot a PC Remotely
Switch On AC powered devices with
Remote-Outlet. Low-voltage controlled by
12 VDC (standard). Can switch up to a 10 amp
load. Local manual override ON switch next to
the outlet. Can be customized for special
.00 ea.
Call With Questions
or to Place an Order
over the Phone
Need to add indicators ?
It's easiest to use pre-assembled LED
indicators in Red, Yellow or Green.
Assemblies have 12 inches of
color-coded wiring and dropping
resistor already installed. No soldering
to the LED required. Specify 5 V, 12 V
or 24 V operation when ordering.
Other voltages and wire lengths
available on request. Current draw is
approx. 15 mA per indicator.
Sold in packs of 3 LEDs
(Red, Yellow, Green)
T 1-3/4 LED with resistor securely
soldered under heatshrink
12 inch coil of wiring that terminates
in bare ends
Model: LED3PAK $39.00
Model 109 Oscillator
The Model 109 Audio
Oscillator has a triggerable
ON time from milliseconds to
tens of seconds. Frequency
is adjustable across the
audible range and slightly
beyond. Variable output can
drive a set of small speakers
or another, larger amp with
the proper interfacing.
Perfect lab device. Internal
power supply. External TTL
trigger input on rear.
Model: 109OSC $479.00
Stackley Devices interface solutions